We filled our suitcases with treasures from our collections and zipped across the world with photographer Pascal Kerouche to explore Siargao, a palm-fringed island in the Philippines with crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and fresh coconuts aplenty. Tropical vibes and a paradise-state-of mind await you in our latest lookbook.



A big Mabuhay from the Compostela Christmas party! From all of us at Nay Palad to all of you, we hope your holiday season is filled with joy.


Behind the scenes

Why Take the Road Less Traveled?

Robert Frost’s famous poem “The Road Not Taken” ends like this: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/I took the one less traveled by,/ And that has made all the difference. These lines are often quoted when someone is championing the choice to take the road less traveled. But Frost’s poem is more ambivalent. He observes that at this fork in the road, both roads look equally worn. In fact, the poem seems to be more about how every road holds its own mystery; we are free to choose our path, but we can never fully know what we are choosing between.

As a traveler, this resonates with me. Adventures can be had on any type of road. But what is it that makes the adventure? I think it’s an attitude. In a way, the idea of “the road less traveled” is about the choice to stay alive to every moment of the journey and the willingness to step outside of our comfort zones, to stretch our minds, and to embrace the unknown and unexpected.

Whether this journey takes place on the road or on a normal day at home, this openness helps us learn more about ourselves and the world we live in. Perhaps we’ll get out of a rut, perhaps we’ll see the other side of a story, perhaps we’ll find a better solution to something because we know how to ask different types of questions.

I’ve cultivated this attitude throughout my journey with Nay Palad, and it has helped me make sure that at each step we’ve been building a company carefully and responsibly, while creating objects of beauty that carry with them the fire that burns inside those who choose to take the road less traveled.

Lookbook: Behind the Scenes on Ibiza

It’s October and I’ve snuck away to Ibiza with my favorite photographer Guillaume Roemaet to shoot the Nay Palad lookbook. The production crew has set up camp high in Sant Josep in the south of the island.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year here. After the wilds of summer—all the dancing and music you could ask for—autumn rolls in subtly. The island dials down to a mellow buzz, and you can feel it being handed back to the locals. There’s a cool undercurrent in the warm water and wind. The stones are still sun-soaked, but the driving heat of the sun has let up. It’s a time of year that makes me feel like Ibiza is a secret that I’m keeping.

Every day of the shoot, we descend from the white-painted village dressed in bougainvillea tucked away in pine-clad hills to the turquoise sea edged by rich red cliffs and grey pebble beaches. In this setting, Trilce and Lorda perfectly convey the experience of slipping away to my favorite spots on the island: the treasures on the beach, a sense of discovery and wonder, raw natural beauty, and of course, the majesty of the sea.


Compostela: The Heart of Nay Palad

Whenever my family and I return to Cebu, we are greeted by the children of Compostela with song and dance. The energy and joy of the performance leaves everyone with a big smile on their faces. I’ve thought of this often while developing Nay Palad; about how I wanted to repay the spirit of their generosity by doing what I can to help the women of Compostela realize their dreams on their own terms. 

You could say our love for Cebu started when my father, who had a dream of starting a furniture company and who had just helped develop a plastic fiber perfect for outdoor use, met a Philippine entrepreneur from Cebu who made expertly woven rattan furniture. We all moved to Cebu, put down roots, made great life-long friends, and the art of weaving became something of an obsession. 

When you look at our collection, at the woven puso in our logo, at the careful knotting around the pearls, the cording on our bracelets, and more, you’re seeing the result of the union formed by the happy coincidences that life throws at you and that connect you with the cultures, people, and dreams that end up finding a home in your heart. When we say that Nay Palad’s pieces are handmade with love, this is what we mean.