Compostela: The Heart of Nay Palad February 05 2015

Whenever my family and I return to Cebu, we are greeted by the children of Compostela with song and dance. The energy and joy of the performance leaves everyone with a big smile on their faces. I’ve thought of this often while developing Nay Palad; about how I wanted to repay the spirit of their generosity by doing what I can to help the women of Compostela realize their dreams on their own terms. 

You could say our love for Cebu started when my father, who had a dream of starting a furniture company and who had just helped develop a plastic fiber perfect for outdoor use, met a Philippine entrepreneur from Cebu who made expertly woven rattan furniture. We all moved to Cebu, put down roots, made great life-long friends, and the art of weaving became something of an obsession. 

When you look at our collection, at the woven puso in our logo, at the careful knotting around the pearls, the cording on our bracelets, and more, you’re seeing the result of the union formed by the happy coincidences that life throws at you and that connect you with the cultures, people, and dreams that end up finding a home in your heart. When we say that Nay Palad’s pieces are handmade with love, this is what we mean.