Lookbook: Behind the Scenes on Ibiza March 18 2015

It’s October and I’ve snuck away to Ibiza with my favorite photographer Guillaume Roemaet to shoot the Nay Palad lookbook. The production crew has set up camp high in Sant Josep in the south of the island.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year here. After the wilds of summer—all the dancing and music you could ask for—autumn rolls in subtly. The island dials down to a mellow buzz, and you can feel it being handed back to the locals. There’s a cool undercurrent in the warm water and wind. The stones are still sun-soaked, but the driving heat of the sun has let up. It’s a time of year that makes me feel like Ibiza is a secret that I’m keeping.

Every day of the shoot, we descend from the white-painted village dressed in bougainvillea tucked away in pine-clad hills to the turquoise sea edged by rich red cliffs and grey pebble beaches. In this setting, Trilce and Lorda perfectly convey the experience of slipping away to my favorite spots on the island: the treasures on the beach, a sense of discovery and wonder, raw natural beauty, and of course, the majesty of the sea.