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Carolin Dekeyser grew up traveling the world with her father, Bobby, as he built his luxury outdoor furniture brand, Dedon. As a child she lived in the Philippines, the company’s second home. After gaining experience at Dedon, Carolin turned her attention to Compostela, a project initiated by the Dekeyser & Friends foundation. A sustainable rainforest village on the Philippine island of Cebu, Compostela was built to rehouse scavengers living on the Cebu City dump.

While helping the women of Compostela turn their artisanal skills into marketable products, Carolin had the idea for Nay Palad. She conceived it as a friends-and-family company that would create magical destinations and make, discover and retail hand-made objects from around the world, building an engaged community of friends and fellow travelers along the way.

Starting with accessories made in Compostela, Carolin quickly began shaping the world of Nay Palad. Her first project, a collaboration with conservationist Jochen Zeitz and architect Daniel Pouzet, was the Nay Palad Bird Nest, a treetop accommodation at Kenya’s award-winning Segara Retreat. Her latest project, Nay Palad Hideaway, is a palm-fringed paradise on the pristine Philippine isle of Siargao, birthplace of her family’s barefoot luxury philosophy.

Since the launch of the Nay Palad Hideaway, Carolin has turned her attention to Nay Palad’s new headquarters, a 19th-century former factory building in Barcelona’s bustling Raval neighborhood. The building will be home to several new projects now in development.

Having lived in New York, Hamburg, Ibiza, Berlin and the Philippines, among many other places, the nomadic Carolin seems to be settling down in Barcelona, at least for the moment. How do we know? Because her ever-growing family of rescue dogs now resides here, too.