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The Island


There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippine archipelago, but there’s nowhere on Earth quite like Siargao. A nature lover’s dream, this laid-back isle is home to pristine beaches, tropical jungles, underground caves, coral reefs, deep-sea fishing and the epic Cloud 9 surfing wave. Perched at the edge of Asia, Siargao lies just a few kilometers shy of the Philippine Deep, one of the deepest spots on the planet’s surface.

Island life

Little fishing villages, lazy beach towns and an international community of surfers and expats, mostly clustered around the world-famous Cloud 9 barreling wave. That’s island life on Siargao. Easy-going. In harmony with nature. In harmony with the neighbors. And always up for some fun—or a little nap.

Cloud 9

Siargao has more than 20 different surfing spots catering to all levels. Among them is the legendary Cloud 9. A right-breaking reef wave renowned for its perfectly shaped barrel, thick but hollow, Cloud 9 attracts top surfers from around the world. Non-surfers can enjoy this wave-riding spectacle from a multi-story wooden watchtower on the beach. A small surfing village, populated mostly by expats, has sprung up along the road that leads to Cloud 9. The village has several good cafés, bars and restaurants.