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The Resort

Barefoot luxury

You never need a wallet at Nay Palad Hideway. No checks are signed here. Every drink or delicacy you desire, every adventure you seek, every massage you require, is simply yours for the asking. Around-the-clock attention? As you wish. Total privacy? Just say the word. Barefoot luxury is a made-to-measure experience.

The perfect Day

At Nay Palad Hideaway, every day is a new story. And you’re the writer, in charge of the tone, style, pace and plot. In fact, the only limit may be your own imagination. Fortunately, our adventure manager, Sean Hartley, has endless suggestions. Kayaking through ancient mangroves? Exploring the island by motorbike? Sailing? Surfing? Diving? Let Sean and his team create excursions tailored to your dreams.

You can adjust the pace of your story with long massages, holistic treatments, yoga, meditation or a book by the pool. And don’t forget: Fabulous boats, complete with captain and crew, are ready to take you to the jewel-like uninhabited islands and pristine beaches nearby. No matter how long your stay with us, you’ll never have writer’s block.

Make it yours

As our guest, you’re invited to make Nay Palad Hideaway your own. It’s our pleasure to help you do so. That means tending to your every need, of course. But it also means giving you the freedom to feel at home. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, honeymoon, small wedding, corporate event, surfing trip or yoga retreat, allow us to tailor the hideaway to your desires. This freedom to feel at home, you’ll soon discover, is the essence of barefoot luxury.

Barefoot luxury is a philosophy of travel my family and I have been living for decades. Nay Palad Hideaway is our way of sharing it with you.
— Carolin Dekeyser, Founder