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The Resort

Barefoot luxury

You never need a wallet at Nay Palad Hideway. No checks are signed here. Every drink or delicacy you desire, every adventure you seek, every massage you require, is simply yours for the asking. Around-the-clock attention? As you wish. Total privacy? Just say the word. Barefoot luxury is a made-to-measure experience.



Small is beautiful. That’s why we limited our accommodation to 10 stunning villas and a sprawling Master Villa, all built to the highest standards of barefoot luxury. A hideaway within a hideaway, equally for an intimate couple or an extended family, the Master Villa comes with its own swimming pool, rooftop nest, secluded beach and much more.


Culinary experiences

Imagination, technique and the freshest of fish, meat and produce come together in Marc Silvestre’s cuisine, an eclectic mix of East and West, modern and traditional, artistry and ease. From breakfast to midnight snack, the menu is wide-ranging and ever-changing. Let Marc and his staff tailor it to your desires.