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A sustainable rainforest village on Cebu Island in the Philippines, Compostela was purpose-built to rehouse some 500 scavengers living on a Cebu City dumpsite. Carolin and Nay Palad have been deeply involved in this collaborative project, which was initiated by her father, Bobby, and his foundation, Dekeyser & Friends. Compostela serves as a model for similar relief projects around the world. For more information, please visit the Dekeyser & Friends website.



Nay Palad means ‘mother hand’ in Philippine language of Tagalog, and Carolin has taken particular interest in helping the mothers of Compostela. Efforts include organizing workshops and bringing in mentors and teachers to help the women develop handicraft skills and get on the path to an independent livelihood. 



Nay Palad has initiated a program at Compostela to help villagers care for some 70 dogs and cats within the community. The program includes collaborating with a local vet, donating food, and organizing workshops to educate families about living with, caring for and treating animals.